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Chibana, Choshin  (1885 ~ 1969)

Chibana was the last surviving senior Okinawan karate-do practitioner born in the mid 19th century. He died of throat cancer on February 26, l969, and was considered by his peers as the last senior student of the Itosu line. His dojo, originally called the Chibana DAI-ICHI DOJO but now it is simply called the Chibana Dojo, is presently being run by his grandson, Akira (kyoshi 7-Dan), at the Shuri City Hall.


As a legacy, Chibana left the following precepts to his followers:


Chibana Dojo Kun

1. Always be serious minded in your training so as to learn from your experience and receive understanding.

2. Refrain from acts or words that are inconsiderate.

3. Be tolerant, especially of the opinion of others.

4. Think first so as to avoid acting rashly.

5. Without question, accept methods and teachings humbly and open minded. Then train hard so as to understand and assimilate these methods and teachings.

6. Do not brag or be verbose and above all, don't take chances.

7. Lead your juniors with kindness and counsel them correctly.

8. Remember, actions speak louder than words.


Chibana sensei is credited with naming the style "Shorin-ryu" using a different character for "sho" from that used in China. His most senior student was Higa Yuchoku, although he produced many notable and influencial teachers, among them Miyahira Katsuya, Nakazato Shurugo, to name only the most renowned.

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