Dan Ranking Requirements and Regulations

These standards were written and distributed by Onaga sensei for his students at the turn of the millennium.

1) All rank will be granted once per year between January and March.

2) Rank will be granted by a single signing authority, either the senior most shihan (instructor) at the Shinjinbukan Hombu or a shibu-cho (branch director) with permission and under the authority of the senior most shihan at the Shinjinbukan Hombu.

3) The requirements are the following:


Yobi undo (warm-up exercise)
Reigi saho (etiquette training)
Tsuki, tachi-machiwara
Keri, sagi-machiwara
Tachi kata
Kigu undo (equipment exercise)
Hojo undo (supplement exercise)
Seiri undo (cool-down exercise)


All Kata in order
Kihon Gata 1,2,3
Naihanchi Gata 1,2,3
Pinan Gata 1,2,3,4,5
Passai no Sho
Passai no Dai
Kusanku no Sho
Kusanku no Dai

Note: The kata Jion, Jitte, Useishin, Unsu, Sochin are considered supplement and not core to the system, and are therefore not reviewed for rank testing.


Kakie - Hichi Gaki
Kakie - Hani Gaki
Kakie - Ushi Gaki

A total of 30 techniques, including 10 Iri kumi techniques.


Free Tenshin
A Ti Fa in both Tsuki and Keri


Must be running an active Dojo
Must possess the ability to teach the entire Shinjinbukan syllabus


The ability to do more than 30 Iri kumi from each of the 3 Kakie positions, as well as all the Machiwara techniques;
And all the Kata


Minimum of 5 years after Rokudan and at least 40 years of age


Minimum of 5 years after Nanadan. You have been recognized beyond any doubt as a distinguished character and recognized for your busai in Ryukyu no Karate Bushi.
Only 1 Hatchidan per country outside of Okinawa.


As a Kyudan you possess the entire knowledge of the Shinjinbukan and the ability to do it. As well, you will be the director of the international representatives and will promote and enforce the Shinjinbukan rules, philosophy and teachings.


In all practical terms there will not be Judan ranks in the Shinjinbukan. Judan will only be given as an honorary rank upon the death of an active Kyudan, or if a Kyudan reaches the age of 80 years and is still an active shihan.

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